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Crossfit Community San Diego


PRs are sweet aren’t they? Progress on the daily is rewarding isn’t it? Yes is the answer to both of those questions! Of course, we don’t always get those things.…
Crossfit Gym San Diego

Low Hanging Fruit

Last week we touched on a simple way to plan for and prioritize breakfast when you live a busy life and are often on the go. This was important, because…

Breakfast On The Go

I’ve written about the prioritization pyramid a few times in the last couple of years…Nutrition is the foundation of health and the foundation of the pyramid. After it comes metabolic…

Get a Grip

What are your strengths? Where are your weaknesses? In the gym and in life we have strengths and weaknesses. Some strengths came easily to us and others were hard earned.…
Crossfit Gym San Diego


The pursuit of perfection is an endless road. Nothing will ever be picture perfect. When we expect perfection we often walk away angry, frustrated, maybe even hopeless. With that said,…