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Breakfast On The Go

I’ve written about the prioritization pyramid a few times in the last couple of years…Nutrition is the foundation of health and the foundation of the pyramid. After it comes metabolic conditioning, then gymnastics/calisthenics, then weightlifting, and finally sport. Any kink in these tiers will ripple up the pyramid. If your gymnastics and body control are poor how can you move external loads? If any of these falter how can you succeed at sport? Most importantly, if your nutrition is whacky how can you expect to one be energized to perform at any of the above and more importantly, at any of the above, how could you expect to recover properly in order to build muscle, endurance, and do it again?

Rather than talk about nutrition as a whole, I wanted to share some struggles and a solution to a problem that I sometimes run into myself. The first meal of the day. When you live a busy life sometimes you go to bed late. And when you go to bed late, sometimes you hit the snooze. Rather than give you a hard time telling you not to hit the snooze, I hit it sometimes when that 4am wake up call goes off, I wanted to provide you with a plan for success on busy mornings. On busy mornings we are most likely to either skip breakfast or have one that doesn’t do us any favors. There is no substitute for preparing something healthy, whole food, and complete (carbs, proteins, fats, in a balanced ratio) for example: whole eggs, oats with peanut butter, and some fruit or veggies. But many times we have 5 minutes. What do you do then? In 5 minutes I like to use my blender. I use it with the intention of preparing a complete meal containing protein, fats, and carbs. Here are some of my favorite go tos:


1 banana (carbs)
½ cup oats (carbs, some protein)
8 oz. whole milk (carbs, fat, protein)
1-2 tablespoons peanut butter (fat, protein, carbs)
30 grams chocolate or vanilla protein (ideally a blend of multiple types for different absorption rates)


1.5 cups frozen berries (carbs)
8 oz. whole milk
½ cup diced sweet potatoes, raw (carbs)
Large handfull of spinach or greens mix
30 grams vanilla protein


1 apple (carbs)
Large handful of spinach or greens mix
1-2 tablespoons olive oil (fat)
30 grams vanilla protein

You may have noticed some weird ingredients, the raw sweet potatoes and olive oil? These are key and both low in flavor intensity so that they don’t take over the blend. The olive oil adds an essential fat to complete that shake. The raw sweet potatoes are a wonderful slow digesting carbohydrate that will fuel your morning and your workout. The best part is, you can shave and dice a few of them every Sunday, store them in the fridge, and they’ll be ready to throw in your blender with no prep time throughout the week.

Stock your house with these simple options that cn be thrown into a blender in less than 2 minutes, blended for 1, and then drinkin in 2 or taken with you. With this tool at your side you have a plan for busy mornings let alone any morning if you’d like. No more AM excuses now. Prepare to win by having a plan B always ready to rock. See you on top!

-Coach Derrick

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