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Changing Simple Habits

Changing Simple Habits Blog

This isn’t something new or revolutionary but if you’re anything like me, your routine and consistency of it is important to you- so changing simple things can often feel daunting. 

I recently started working with Dryvn Nutrition on my eating habits and I can’t even tell you how much of a game changer this has been for me. The changes range from something as simple as slowing down my eating to a much harder habit such as making sure each meal has some sort of vegetable- either way, both levels of habits are such a huge part of the bigger picture. Frankly, the simpler, easier habits are often the harder ones to implement if we don’t give them enough value. Today I’d like to encourage you to improve a habit in your life each week or every two weeks. Start with accessible and achievable habits and progress to harder, more challenging ones for you.

When it comes to our health & fitness, we can all, always improve! Think of areas of your day that can consistently go better. For example, are you very tired at the end of the day and lose your patience with your kids easier at night or do you find yourself scrambling every morning and often skip breakfast? 

 Think of one way you can make that better and implement it in small steps! 

  • Plan your breakfast the night before and set the clock to 10-15 minutes earlier to give you time to make it. 
  • Take 10-15 minutes in the afternoon to sit in silence, drink or eat something that gives you energy and be present and excited for the evening routines at home. 
  • Take 10 minutes to read about something you enjoy each morning, this is a form of self care. 
  • Go for a walk around your neighborhood and say hello to as many people as you can! 
  • Take an extra 5 minutes after class to mobilize an area that you know if tight. 

Even though we are no longer in school and filled with tasks (outside of work), we can always be learning and getting better as taking care of ourselves, our family and those around us! There is so much fillment in creating some new, beneficial habits and you may even be surprised how the changes actually make you feel: confident, loved, respected, energized, compassionate and so much more!  Give it a try.

-Coach Vianney

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