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PRs are sweet aren’t they? Progress on the daily is rewarding isn’t it? Yes is the answer to both of those questions! Of course, we don’t always get those things. Certainly not every day or week and sometimes not every month.

I’ve been doing CrossFit consistently since December of 2011 and prior to that working out consistently since 2007. At first I had a large learning curve. So much to learn. Then I experienced a long wave of weekly lifting PRs most likely due to improvements in the efficiency of my movement mechanics. Then, I began to appreciate the grace of the gymnastics movements and how it felt great to control my own body. Now, it sometimes feels like I’m at a standstill until randomly I PR a lift unexpectedly or improve my time on a benchmark workout. In those moments it is when I realize that it is all working, right along at the pace of someone who works out 5-6x/week, for 75 minutes and focuses on moving as well as possible within each individual repetition. So what now? The reason why I chose CrossFit in the first place is because it was FUN!

Fun. In this day and age, where everyone with a camera phone and an IG account can put their best foot out there for everyone to see, it is so easy to get caught up in things that don’t matter. We compare ourselves to others too much regardless of the difference in scenarios. We get frustrated if we didn’t hit a lift or grab a PR. We sometimes get mad at ourselves if a movement doesn’t come easy to us. We place too much value in the tangible outputs, PRs, times, aesthetics, and getting 1 rep of a tough gymnastics movement. Sometimes it goes too far and these variables steal our fun.

Take the fun back!!! CrossFit is an opportunity to do a new workout that you’ve never done before. It is an opportunity to enjoy your friends or make new friends. It is definitely an opportunity to work hard and feel great after. It is an opportunity to get better at prioritizing your fitness by checking off another day on the calendar when you did workout as opposed to leaving that day blank because you didn’t. 

I do believe that it is the most effective way to get fit when you consider time invested. You won’t always feel your best. Sleep, nutrition, stress, and a slough of other things play a role in that. If you can walk in the door everyday with a great attitude, ready to relearn and prioritize the basics, try something new, trust the process, workout no matter what it may be, and focus on having a lot of fun, then you are on the road to endless satisfaction and happiness with CrossFit. Put that into perspective. We can hand over our emotions to external factors that we have no control over or we can choose to have a great time at class. And when we make the choice to have a great time, our performance is better, our empathy for ourselves is healthier, and the energy we give to others will be positive and uplifting. Don’t forget that this is fun! Even the assault bike and 800 meter runs 🙂

-Coach Derrick

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