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Health for the Longrun

Health For The Longrun

To possess knowledge and then willingly not use it could be defined as foolish. No offense 🙂 So many times in my life that’s been me. Wisdom can be defined as the application of knowledge. Every season of our life offers up knowledge for the taking and it’s on us to act wisely and apply it as we move into new seasons of our lives. 

The last 4 months have definitely been a season greatly challenging the mental and physical health of many. This season is not over but has already presented a wealth of knowledge for the taking. Although we don’t know everything about Covid-19, one thing is fact, the overwhelming majority of those who contract the virus and then experience the worst suffering are the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. We also already know, now more than ever, that solid nutrition and exercise are fundamental in preventing many underlying conditions including diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. They also happen to be the only fountain of youth, keeping your body functioning at a high level longer, maintaining a stronger immune system, and fighting off the effects of aging.

The pandemic is a terrible occurrence but it has presented the opportunity of knowledge. Better said, it’s magnified knowledge that we already possessed but maybe weren’t being wise with. So now we’ve received another opportunity to recognize the importance of this knowledge and it’s on us to choose wisdom. And not just for ourselves. It’s time to engage all of our family and friends. Everyone in the world NEEDS to reprioritize their health and activity and 2-3 days a week isn’t good enough. Time can not be an excuse anymore. 4 days a week minimum and you’re being active more days than you aren’t. 5-6 days is even better. It doesn’t have to be a high intensity every day, but we do need to get the heart rate up often. We need to grocery shop for great food and set that as the foundation of each day. Cheats are okay but they can’t dominate the day. Again, time can not be an excuse.

We sit on the fountain of youth and aside from isolation possess the only thing that will combat the Coronavirus and other things like it that will inevitably come along in our lifetime, And you know what? It is likely that we’ll get locked down again. And in that scenario, we can’t be people who can’t work out at home. If it’s your only option to maintain health then you have to do it. Nutrition is a must. Exercise is a must. Taking your health for granted is foolish. Be wise. Please. And don’t be shy about spreading the word.

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