Join Us for the 2020 Open in 2019!

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Join Us for the 2020 Open in 2019!

In 10 days, the first workout of the 2020 CrossFit Open will be announced. For some elite athletes, this is the first opportunity of the season to qualify for the CrossFit Games and for the sanctional events that take place throughout the year. For the rest of us, the 99%, the Open is something else and I’m here to tell you that you should probably sign up for it.

I completed my first Open in 2012. I did 12.1 at 24 Hour fitness. It was 7 minutes of burpees. We hung a kettlebell from a basketball hoop as my target for the jump on the burpees. I did 92 burpees. I remember my left calf cramping up with 3 minutes to go and I had to double jump a few times to meet the standard. 12.2 I did at a sports club in Chico, Ca. They happened to have a lifting platform where I could perform my rendition of a power snatch. The workout was a 10 minute AMRAP of snatches that ascended in weight every 30 reps. In the 10 minutes I was able to do 30 reps at 75 pounds plus 20 reps at 135 pounds for a total of 50. I have a video of it. My friend recording told me I had about 20 seconds left. I looked at him, shook my hand and told him I was done. “Nah dawg.” Haha. Workout 12.3 was the very first time I had ever stepped into a CrossFit gym. I was visiting Lodi, Ca, and stopped in at CrossFit Lodi. The owner and coach there was kind enough to let me drop in, judge my workout, and most importantly teach me what a toe to bar and push jerk were. 12.4 and 12.5 I did in San Jose, Ca, with my little sister and her CrossFit troop at CrossFit Silicon Valley. They showed me my first wallballs and kipping pullups. 2012 was a great Open. My performances weren’t the best, my technique was surely faulty, and I didn’t even know what CrossFit really was at the time. However, I remember every second of that Open. Not just that, I remember every Open workout I’ve done since. You see, fitness is very important to me. CrossFit is important to me. The Open, since 2012, has created so many opportunities for me to create memories and to learn. Memories of struggle, joy, high fives with friends, 30 second naps on the ground once the clock stops counting. I’ve learned about technique, pacing, thresholds, and how to respond to my body shutting down. The Open, every year, has built me up in a way that can not be replicated. Well worth the $20 I’ve spent to register for it each time considering the fact that the Games website has a database that allows me to look back on the last 9 Opens and see all of my results. It’s a trip down memory lane that I enjoy every time.

The most common reason I hear for not signing up is: Why pay $20 when I can do the workouts anyways? Of course you can do the workouts any time without paying. But…you can not recreate the environment of the open. The energy of the Open spurs best performances. The mindset you can create. The chills as the clock is going to start 3, 2, 1…The strategizing. The inspiration of others’ best performances. Being judged fairly on your movement standards has no substitute. The Open brings out the best performance. At $4 per workout the value is there. That minimal fee supports the platform that has brought so much value to our lives and fitness. So I say sign up for the Open.

At Troy we will be running it simultaneously with our in house Trojan War, making the fun even more abundant. Team up with friends old and new for a fun competition that rewards spirit, participation, effort, in addition to performance. In all it will be a great way for you to come together with the community and experience your best physical self.

If you love fitness, reflection, growth through struggle, and an energetic environment, join us for the 2020 CrossFit Games Open season. You can sign up at:

2020 CrossFit Open Registration

I hope to see you all out there supporting one another’s best effort!!!

-Coach Derrick

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