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With the obvious switch in our pursuit of fitness, it can be easy to let the little things pile up and cause big problems. I know that I personally have let the smallest things keep me from working out or prioritizing fitness. There are so many distractions and annoying little nuances that can cause you to throw in the towel and just stop: not having access to heavier weights, having to set up in the living room or outside, feeling awkward about video-ing yourself on zoom and letting others see your messy living room. However, by choosing to focus on the negative and things we are losing out on, we miss the chance to see the overwhelming positive opportunities we have ahead of us. It seems as if this temporary switch in lifestyle might last a little longer than we initially expected. So with that in mind, instead of quitting or giving up, let’s focus on how this time isn’t going to just be maintaining our fitness. Let’s focus on getting better, fitter, stronger and faster. It’s not that it’s going to be hard, it’s that we just need to get a little creative.

Now it may come as no surprise that I am too young to really know who MacGyver actually is. I just assume it’s some old 80’s or 90’s movie and show series that the “older” members of our gym watched as kids and would argue is better than anything out now a days (the same way people talk about hip hop and R&B). But when I think of what MacGyver stands for to most people , coming up with creative and unthinkable solutions to problems, I see the ways in which I can become like this dreamy, blonde action star. 

Now I may not have a mullet, or cool theme music, but when it comes to lack of materials I have come up with a few hacks. No weights? Use a back pack. No band? Use something elastic like socks or yoga pants. No space in the living room? Go outside or use space in the bedroom. There are a thousand different problems that you will run into each day. But there are a MILLION different solutions. It’s all about mindset and I would argue that that is the thing that set MacGyver apart from the rest.

In the face of certain doom, MacGyver didn’t just come up with new solutions, he first had to tell himself that the uncertainty of what lies ahead and the difficulty of the challenge will not be bigger than his will to survive and overcome. Let’s get the obvious out of the way, the COVID-19 outbreak has definitely set up a huge disruption in our daily lives. But I think that it is vital for those around us to see what our response is going to be. So many people are letting this get them down and give up their goals. Our goals have not changed though. WE PURSUE FITNESS AND HEALTH. That is and will always be the goal. No virus, lockdown, person, or distraction can take that from you. So let’s have the positivity and mindfulness of someone like MacGyver. Let us think “How can I do this?” instead of, “I will never do this”. Let’s say, “I don’t care if my living room is messy, or I have to scale the workout from lack of equipment, or I have to get up early to have a moment to myself”. You deserve to make time to prioritize your health and wellness. It’s what is important in times like this. And remember, in our new social climate and status quo, think of the little eyes that are watching you every day. Our children, friends and family, and those who follow us on social media are all watching to see how we are responding to this situation. 

We must stand together as a unified family, lifting each other up daily, and show those around us that we will not let this season of our lives be defined by a global pandemic. Rather, it will be defined by our response to it. So reach out to your gym community for help. Offer a helping hand to someone at the gym you haven’t heard from in a while. Text your buddies and hit up a zoom class together or even just reach out and talk about everything but fitness. Either way do something. And know that your coaching staff is ALWAYS here to help with a friendly smile or a paper clip and duct tape (MacGyver style).

-Coach Niko

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