The pursuit of perfection is an endless road. Nothing will ever be picture perfect. When we expect perfection we often walk away angry, frustrated, maybe even hopeless. With that said, perfection can be a focus as long as we have the right mindset to go along with. If we shift our mindset from expecting perfection to striving for perfection then it can be a super healthy word for our lives instead of one that holds us down. This applies to many things that we do but of course, we’ll use the gym as a key example.

CrossFit is so fun because there are so many things to learn, so many challenges, so many opportunities to strive for perfection. If we understand that perfection is just an idea that spurs action then we can use it to our advantage. Understand that if you try to be perfect with each movement and each repetition, it never will be, BUT!!! in the long run it will turn out REALLY GOOD. 

As you learn new exercises or aim to break bad habits that are holding back your progress strive to do it perfectly. At first slow things down, lighten the load, reduce the reps. Hone in the basic pattern by choosing prerequisite movements. As your movement quality grows then add some more reps so that you can build consistency across a larger rep scheme. Once you’re confident in your quality, you’re consistent with it, then we can add some speed or heavier weight. If you do this with every movement, giving it focus, trying to do it perfectly, your fitness will rise at an astronomical rate. 

The closer to perfect you get the more you’re capable of full range of motion. This is a humongous benefit. Full range of motion builds more muscle and burns more calories. The closer to perfect you get the less energy you waste during your workouts equating to more reps which again builds more muscle and burns more calories. The closer to perfect you get the less likely movements will break you down allowing you to work out healthily for more of your life building more muscle and burning more calories.

There are so many benefits to trying to be perfect as long as we understand that we never will be. Don’t expect perfection from yourself or others. You’ll leave disappointed. But, if we can build a culture of supporting one another while we try to be perfect, in the gym, at work, and at home, life and everything in it will be really really good. And a good life that is perfectly imperfect is something I think we all can expect.

-Coach Derrick

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