Stress free workouts for all the parents!

Child Sitting Program

We offer Child Sitting so that parents can come to Troy and enjoy their workout knowing their kids are in good hands. Our goal is to make your daily hour at Troy yours and your kid’s best hour of the day! Our child sitting attendants are well trained, sweet, and enjoy interacting with kids!

Child Sitting Schedule: 

Due to current restrictions at the gym, we are offering limited child sitting classes but we do hope to return to our full child sitting offerings when our operations return to normal.

Current Child Sitting Schedule: 9 am Class on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Previous Child Sitting Schedule: Monday-Saturday 9 am Classes and Monday-Friday at 4 pm & 5:30 pm Classes.

$20 per month per child or $5 drop-in per class.

Please talk to Vianney to have the child sitting membership added to your account.