This is for the MOMS!

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This is for the MOMS!

For The Moms Blog

When it comes to the demographics in the gyms, I certainly will always have a soft spot in my heart or the moms of Troy. The moms always have given me sage advice, a kind ear to rant about something my wife does, and hilarious stories of some insane thing their kids are up to. I am being groomed to be a better husband and father because of the wisdom imparted by these ladies. But this is not just about my relationship with the moms. It’s about something I am learning through the hard work and consistency that I see these ladies putting forth every week.

We all have something that we are going through. Life can be VERY inconsistent and through the past couple of weeks I have felt the weight of it all on my shoulders. Yet, in the midst of it all, I am appreciative to Derrick and Vianney who continually put forth the effort to make sure this place is as steady and consistent as can be. When the world around me feels like nothing is guaranteed, I know that when I come to the House of Gains I will be getting an hour to myself to improve upon my fitness, breathe real heavy, and socialize with the best people in the world. I think I speak for many of our members when I say I sure am grateful for Troy Crossfit. 

I don’t know if you are like me, but when I get stressed or overwhelmed the first person I start to neglect is myself. Skipping workouts, missing meals, forgetting to shower are all the first things I fall to when I get stressed and overworked. I even start to come up with excuses as to why I can’t go to the gym to get a good workout in. Usually it revolves around either not enough sleep, not enough time, or the workout is too hard (shame on me for cherry-picking). Yet isn’t it funny that when I do make it to the gym I immediately am glad that I made it. I feed off the energy that people bring and crush a good workout in the Great Hall of Flex. 

When I talk to the moms during this time I hear all about how things are going and I am reminded that people are going through a lot more than I am and are still coming into the Church of Latter Day Squats. The crap that I hear these moms going through, whether it be very needy little children, traumatic aftermath of creating a human being (literally can’t even imagine), or all of the other everyday things that we experience made harder by being a parent remind me that my excuses should never be greater than my will to keep coming in and putting in the work. AND they do all this with a smile on their face and come in like no big deal. I am in awe of the work that these ladies are putting in in and out of the Palace of Power. 

Now obviously the moms are not the only people who are dealing with some incredibly challenging circumstances. I hear about people losing jobs and income, going through family troubles, personal injuries, etc. and all in the midst of a global pandemic. But people are still showing up getting any physical stimulus that they can.

If you’re reading this and already come to the Bay of Biceps or the Trench of Tris every week and are going through some hard times then my hat is off to you. Know that we try our best to make the user experience of Troy Crossfit as consistent and filled with value as we can. But if you are like me, and are guilty of letting the little things keep you from bettering yourself and having a good time, then this is for you. Let’s think of how many incredibly strong members we have that show up day in and day out with a great attitude and no complaints. Let’s also think of the moms, some of whom have gone through some seriously tough times and experiences like childbirth or pregnancy, who remind us that we can still come in and leave the world at the door for one hour to get a workout in. 

-Coach Niko

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